Age groups & belt levels

Suitable for any level of child under 9 years old. Training will progress your child to Yellow belt level

Let your little dragon learn the art of Shotokan Karate through a fun, step-by-step training style suited to younger children. It's no secret that children learn differently from adults.

Here at JKS York Karate Club, we understand that children as young as 4 years old can learn karate but that they need to do so in a fashion that will engage them and leave them wanting to learn more. All instructors have completed child protection courses, are CRB checked and emergency first aid trained. This means that you know your child is in safe hands! The syllabus includes learning the basic punches, kicks and blocks that are essential to karate, but also to learn about self-discipline, focus, concentration and respect. These skills are at the heart of martial arts training and we make sure they are brought to the fore. We will also teach your child about balance, speed, teamwork and other life skills that are crucial to their development.

York Karate Club will allow your child to develop through the belt system to reach whatever goal they set for themselves.

Karate is a great way for children to develop and learn some of the most important life principles, such as dedication, hard work and discipline. It also allows them to feel confident in themselves and trust their own abilities

Whether your child is just looking for a hobby, or to be the next World Champion, we have plenty to offer. The martial arts are great for confidence, for releasing steam and just being able to enjoy exercising! Your child can take karate as seriously as they want, either as a fun after school activity or with the intention of reaching black belt and beyond.

York Karate Dojo is a great place to either start your karate training, or restart it after being out of action for a few years.

The first thing to know about karate is it's great fun! Learning a martial art is very rewarding and in time, you begin to appreciate all of it's nuances, intricacies and challenges.

It is great fitness as you use your entire body and every muscle, not to mention practical and relevant in our modern society. We also teach karate with a view to it's traditions and more subtle philosophical underpinnings.

Belt levels

Belt colours are used in karate to designate progress. The coveted black belt, of course, being the ambition of every new starter

Under 9 year olds (Juniors)

White belt

White belt/Red stripe
(15th Kyu)

White belt / Black stripe
(14th Kyu)

(13th Kyu)

Orange / White stripe
(12th Kyu)

Orange / Yellow stripe
(11th Kyu)

Orange / Black stripe
(10th Kyu)


White belt

Red belt
(9th Kyu)

Red belt / Black stripe
(8th Kyu)

Yellow belt
(7th Kyu)


Green belt
(6th kyu)

Purple belt
(5th Kyu)

Purple belt / White stripe
(4th Kyu)


Brown belt
(3rd kyu)

Brown belt / White stripe
(2nd Kyu)

Brown belt / 2 white stripes
(1st Kyu)

Black belt
(1st dan)